Saving the planet one action at a time

In case you’ve missed it 15,000 scientist published an open letter this week warning of the massive impact humans are having on the environment. You can read more here

Whilst the big players, politicians, heads of large companies and people in positions of responsibily need to start instigating nation- and worldwide changes, we as individuals should also act. No effort is too small, and lots of small changes help to bring about a large-scale shift in our mentality towards the planet as well as acting as role models to others less concerned about the planets future.

There are a plethora of ways in which you can make a difference. Some cost to implement, others involve a change in our routine and many are completely free. Here’s a selection of suggestions to help reduce YOUR impact on OUR planet:

Around the House

  • Recycle everything you possibly can, it's easy and the facilities are generally very handy.
  • Use natural cleaning products like vinegar, lemon and bicarbonate of soda instead of chemicals. 
  • Try using washing nuts rather than washing powder, they are eco-friendly, reduce chemicals in the environment but do require hot water to use. You can read more about them here 
  • Source your household energy through a green energy provider such as RSPB green energy see here
  • Glitter - its awful for the environment, avoid using it with children as well as in makeup!

Eco-friendly bathroom

  • Fill a liter bottle with water and a few heavy objects (eg stones) and place it in your cistern, it reduces the amount of water used when flushing and can save up to 3000 litres a year!
  • Buy a toothbrush made out of bamboo! There are so many non-plastic alternatives to everyday products many of which can be found here
  • Why not buy cotton pads instead of cotton wool and non-plastic cotton buds. 
  • Reusable sanitary products, sanitary towls or moon cups, are just as good as the plastic varieties and work out cost-effective over time. 

For more info on all of these and more check out Earthwise Girls

 Ditch your plastic toothbrush and buy a bamboo one instead!

Ditch your plastic toothbrush and buy a bamboo one instead!

Think global, act local - Shopping & Cooking

  • Plan meals ahead of time, it saves money, wastage and travel costs.
  • Public transport – use it to get to supermarkets and ideally shop with local businesses!
  • Don't use plastic bags, there are more than enough alternatives.
  • Don't put fruit and veg in plastic bags in supermarket, they are perfectly fine loose in the trolley or basket.
  • Cut down on meat consumption especially beef. 
  • Buy herb plants in pots rather than packets and endeavour to maintain them.

Create an oasis of nature and productivity in your garden

  • Save money and wildlife, don't tarmac or pave your garden - keep the green space. You can even leave a small ‘meadow’ of uncut vegetation ideal for invertebrates and even small mammals. Every inch counts, it’s all habitat for something.
  • Plant native plants and encourage pollinators, the more the better and they need all the help they can get.
  • Grow your own fruit and veg, it’s satisfying, healthy, tasty and the spoils (fallen fruit) are a bonanza for invertebrates including butterflies. Use recycled rain water for any irrigation.
  • Don't use herbicide, fungicides or insecticides in your garden. 
 A garden is better in every way than paving or a drive way!

A garden is better in every way than paving or a drive way!

Exploring the wider world

  • Offset any major travel. There are a number or well recognised schemes such as Trees for life that combine rewilding with offsetting carbon emissions.
  • Avoid flea drops on pets. The chemicals used to kill fleas have been shown to be bad for pets but also fatal to amphibians. If your dog jumps in a small pond it can potentially contaminate and kill an entire amphibian population.


Dan Brown